Monday, November 28, 2011

AsianSnakeWine.Com–Victory Part 2

Tonight I woke up with a headache.

I think I am finally getting the crud that is going around and I’m really not looking forward to it with me in LA next week.

Anyway, since I was up, I decided to see how our old friends at were doing.

You see, I love drinking and, as a company, these guys are doing a disservice to the industry. There are tons of microbreweries and craft distillers out there that do not need people like to put doubt of quality into consumer’s minds.

With their poor customer service and lousy product, their only saving grace is the gimmick of their Snake Wine Product and the fact that word of mouth (and going viral) is keeping their business afloat.

So, as Don Quixote (having lost his mind due to lack of sleep and food from dedicating all of his time to reading….sound familiar) set out in the name of Chivalry….so have I, with Asiansnakewine as my Windmill.

My first quest resulted in VICTORY, so tonight I set off again…. visiting various blogs to see what others were saying and to add my two cents.

This lead me to Voda Online. You can see their cached Blogpost HERE (more on why it was cached here in a minute). After reading the post, I noticed there was no place to comment, but I did see you could follow them on Twitter.

A few quick tweets to @VodaMagazine and an hour later I got a respones:

VodaMagazine @smokesandbooze good to know! It would have been reasonable to not expect a scam but you never know with some other countries.

WOW. At least they acknowledged that it could be a scam….but when I went back to link to the story…they had PULLED it.

Double Kudos to Voda!

Everyone, this goes to show that even a small voice can make a difference. If one person doesn’t get ripped off by this scam, then all my blogging was worth it.

Do me a favor…..Visit Voda’s site to show them a little support. They did the right thing here and I think they deserve some recognition.

Also, if you are on Twitter….you can follow along HERE (@smokesandbooze).

Keep up the good fight and spread the word.

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